Deceived by the New Age

Same book as
High Points of the New Age

This paperback is subdivided into fourteen chapters which should be read in sequential order. A true story touching on the high points of  the New Age movement  describing the experience of a young man who let go of his Christian background in order to find something more promising and  more powerful. Because of his sincere devotion he advanced quickly. He found that the key to successful discipleship  and communication with the masters was frequent and regular, eastern-type meditation.  He visited  what is called the "Vatican City of the New Age", and he had actual encounters with the masters Djwhal Khul, Sanat Kumara and others. Lots of fun!

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Deceived by the New Age
The original edition has gone out of print.
In the past, copies of this book were available
for free thru this website. Unfortunately the
new edition has become too expensive to
give copies away for free.

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Ruben benAbraham
(webmaster - not the author of this book)


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