Episode 5

       Imagine you are in a secluded place. Suddenly in front of you appears a shining person radiating intense golden-white light that almost blinds you by its brilliance. He also emanates a soothing presence, filling you with a beautiful sense of peace as you stare transfixed by his radiance.
       In an amazing appearance, a dazzling person like this stood before me on the morning of October 30, 1981, about a year after I had started attending classes at the Lighted Way. When I first saw him, my own initial thought was, He looks just like Jesus Christ.
       On the morning of the master's appearance, as I pulled myself out of bed, little did I anticipate that I was about to experience an incredible life-changing event. I was about to be taken into the innermost depths of mystical experience and would never again perceive the world in the same way.
       After showering, I returned to the bedroom to do my morning meditation. It was a condition of class membership at the Lighted Way that each student should engage in a private meditation session every day. In the Hindu/Buddhist type of meditation that the Lighted Way taught, it was desirable for the meditator to hold his spine as erect as possible, supposedly to enable a free flowing of the energies associated with the chakras. I usually had difficulty doing my meditation because of a painful back problem that has plagued me since childhood.
       This morning was no exception. I felt very uncomfortable as I began to sit cross-legged upon the carpeted floor of my bedroom. The pain in my back prompted me to consider cutting the session short. But I then remembered the words of warning expressed by Master Djwhal Khul in one of his books: "It is impossible to progress along the spiritual path except through the practice of meditation."
       I heeded the advice and disciplined myself to sit upright as best as I could. After carrying out the preliminary invocations and prayers, I sat still in meditation. Fighting my back pain, I struggled to keep my torso straight, knowing that the posture needed to be correct for the meditation to be effective. After about three minutes of discomfort and irritability, I had to get up and stretch. I was again tempted to abandon the session and leave the house for my job as an engineer. I just didn't seem to be in the mood for meditation. But the inner voice of conscience prompted me to give it one more try. I again sat down on the floor, crossed my legs, closed my eyes, and repeated the main invocation ritual.

       The Mysterious Enveloping Force.
       I had been meditating for only about four or five minutes. The discomfort in my back was intense, and I had difficulty sitting still. Cramps afflicted my legs as if I had been chained in stocks for several hours.
       Suddenly, a physical force that I had never felt before seemed to come upon me. Brilliant light filled my whole being, as if my whole body had become an incandescent lamp. I felt and perceived this sphere of light to be encompassing me and permeating every cell of my body. My brain, especially, was flooded with light, as if a thousand-watt bulb had been switched on inside of my head.
       I noticed I had lost all sense of weight and discomfort. The backache was gone. The mysterious force now acted dynamically upon my posture. It felt as if someone very strong took hold of my torso and forcefully straightened my back and shoulders until I was held fully upright. All remnants of muscular tension had entirely disappeared.
       I did not feel any sense of apprehension over what was happening. On the contrary, I felt a deep sense of peace. I noticed I had lost all sense of gravity, as if I were completely weightless and were levitating just above the floor. Yet at the same time I was very much aware that I was still sitting in a corner of my bedroom. My mind, my rational thinking, was still functioning normally, with clear and precise, logical thoughts. I had not taken any kind of drugs whatsoever.

       The Master Appears
       Suddenly, a man radiating intense golden-white light stood before me. My first perception was that the mysterious, shining figure looked just like Jesus Christ.
       Immediately a strong intuitive thought, or "knowingness," surfaced that told me this person was Djwhal Khul, the high-ranking member of the White Brotherhood of Masters. He was the master who had dictated to Alice Bailey the contents of the metaphysical books she had published under her own name.
       He appeared to be surrounded by so much brilliance that I could not make out any background scenery. All I could see was his kingly form surrounded by light as he stood motionless before me.
       I noticed his curly golden hair resting upon his shoulders. He wore a long white robe. His arms hung at his side, and his feet were hidden by the light that enshrouded his entire being. Even though I had difficulty distinguishing his facial features because of the intensity of light that seemed to emanate more strongly from his face, he looked very handsome and dignified.
       In spite of the fact that I was enveloped in intense cosmic energy, my mind and intelligence did not in any way feel hypnotized or "possessed" by Djwhal Khul's presence. I had sharp clarity and awareness in my thinking.
       "How are you doing?" Djwhal Khul asked me.
       I noticed his lips did not move when he spoke. The communication seemed to be transmitted telepathically. I perceived his message clearly, but seemed to hear it with an "inner ear," as if his voice were speaking directly into the inside of my mind.
       After asking the question, he waited for my reply.
       "Well, I am struggling on in my spiritual life," I calmly told him.
       I spoke to him with my mind rather than by using lips and vocal chords. It was as if I telepathically communicated my statement. I somehow "knew" that Djwhal Khul could understand me and was able to respond through direct return communication.
       Djwhal Khul then commented nonchalantly, "Yes. Well, that is how it is." I sensed the gesture of shrugging his shoulders.
       Feeling relaxed and at ease, I then took the initiative to ask him about a specific health problem that had been bothering me for some time. I was eager for his reply.
       "Don't worry about it," he simply commented.
       After a few moments of silence on his part, he suddenly disappeared, leaving behind the intense aura of brilliant light, which slowly began to dissipate. Simultaneously, physical sensation began to return. My back posture started to sag, and I became aware that I was sitting in an uncomfortable cross-legged posture.
       The light and the mysterious force that had filled my whole being now vanished. I moved my aching muscles and became conscious of the fact that I had suddenly resumed breathing. Apparently it had been unnecessary to breathe while in the presence of the great master.
       I got up to stretch my legs and then sat on the bed to think about the meaning of this experience.
       Wow! I thought, I have made it to something big.
       I recalled Djwhal Khul's teachings, as recorded in Alice Bailey's books, of how a dedicated aspirant on the metaphysical path can eventually receive a reward for his efforts. He can receive the honor of being made a personal disciple of one of the masters of the White Brotherhood. The master then appears to the disciple to confirm the master-disciple relationship.
       Regarding myself as one of the luckiest people in Los Angeles that morning, I was delighted to have been selected for training as a personal disciple of one of the masters. I was especially excited by the fact that I had been accepted as a disciple by the distinguished Master Djwhal Khul, the master whose books I had so reverently appreciated and loved to study. Oh, how much I admired the wisdom contained in his writings. I had never read anything so captivating and intellectually inspiring. For me, his works had relegated the knowledge of Kant, Aristotle, and Sartre to the kindergarten level.
       I felt privileged that I could now serve "God" by serving under his noble agent, my master, the venerable Djwhal Khul. It was as if my highest dream and ambition had come true.
       I recalled how only a few days previously I had taken a private vow of celibacy. It appeared that "God" had truly rewarded me for my decision to renounce women and sex and to seek the things of "God" by making me a disciple to one of the masters. I knew I would face much hardship on the discipleship path, but I had faith that the forces of the heavenly realms would assist me.
       I was thankful to "God" that I had been through the emotional hardships and feelings of dissatisfaction that had prompted me to search for existential  knowledge; for they had led me to seek wisdom, understanding, harmony, and fulfillment of my life's destiny plan. Now at last, the master's appearance seemed to give me tangible proof that I had been searching in the right direction.
       Suddenly realizing that I would be late for work if I sat around any longer, I headed out of the house and jumped into my car. During the twenty-six-mile drive to work, I thought of nothing except the privilege of being a disciple of Djwhal Khul. I wondered where my life would now lead, but I really didn't care. All that mattered was that I must serve the master.
       After arriving at work, I started to feel tired. Normally I am a fairly energetic worker, but on this morning I had difficulty concentrating on my job. As the morning progressed, I felt more and more fatigued. By about eleven, I felt absolutely exhausted, both mentally and physically. I could hardly stand up, and every muscle in my body ached as if I had just completed a twenty-six mile marathon. I had never felt so exhausted in my life, not even during a severe bout of influenza. I told my supervisor that I was feeling very sick, and I returned home, where I collapsed in total exhaustion and slept for hours.
       The visitation of Djwhal Khul involved a colossal depletion of my energy reserves. I recalled the apostle Paul's blindness and weakness after his initial encounter with Christ on the road to Damascus. Reasoning that one doesn't get exhausted from dreams, vivid imagination, or hallucinations lasting for only three or four minutes, I knew that whatever happened to me was real and involved a massive taxing of my energy system. I had not been involved in any kind of drug taking.
       Any lingering doubts in my mind regarding the existence of spirit beings were now demolished forever. The dramatic visitation by Djwhal Khul relegated the philosophies of materialistic atheism to the level of absurdity. I now had total faith in the New Age movement and its array of metaphysical teachings.

       Spirit Guides and Their Master-work of Deception.
       Djwhal Khul's books fascinated me. I had read several of his volumes with great enthusiasm and had become captivated by his apparently vast knowledge regarding the realms of God and the way God interacted with humanity through the medium of spiritual energies, spirit beings, and masters such as Djwhal Khul himself and Master Jesus. Djwhal Khul's books had the power to radically transform my life: to completely change the way I thought, the way I viewed the world, and the way I perceived my destiny.
       By means of telepathic communication, Djwhal Khul was able to dictate verbatim the contents of twenty-five volumes of esoteric metaphysical knowledge through a woman named Alice Bailey. The books, published between the years of  1919 and 1949, provide much of the doctrinal basis for what has now emerged as the New Age movement. Amazingly, at one time Alice Bailey was a devout Christian and wife of an Episcopal priest before she became influenced by friends who belonged to the Theosophical Society.
       In his Alice Bailey-authored books, Djwhal Khul claims that he is a senior member of a group of people called the Hierarchy of Masters. He has deceived many people into thinking he is an emissary from God. In reality, he is one of  the main spirit beings orchestrating the New Age movement.
       He maintains that he is a human being born more than 350 years ago in Tibet, where he was at one time the abbot of a Tibetan lamasery. He asserts that through the process of meditation and strict spiritual practices, and through the assistance of heavenly beings, he has so evolved his consciousness as to have reached a state of immortality in his current physical body. Hence his claimed ability to have lived for almost four centuries.
       Djwhal Khul claims that his immortality was bestowed by means of an initiation ceremony held in the heavenly realms, called the "fifth initiation" (also known as the "ascension," "Christhood," or "mastership" initiation). As a result of this cosmic initiation, Djwhal Khul alleges that he became a member of an elite group of human beings who describe themselves as being "ascended masters" and who have attained immortality, never again to be reincarnated.

       "Jesus Christ" and the Hierarchy of Masters.
       In his metaphysical works, Djwhal Khul contends that forty-nine human beings presently living on the planet - most of them in remote areas of the Himalayas - are ascended masters. As a group organization, he calls them the "Hierarchy of Masters" (also "the White Brotherhood," "the Masters of Wisdom," "the Hierarchy," or simply, "the Masters"). The leader of the Hierarchy, a master called Lord Maitreya, holds the executive office, or title of "the Christ."
       Djwhal Khul claims that "Jesus Christ" is a senior-ranking member of the Hierarchy of Masters and asserts that the great legendary gurus of India, such as the Buddha, also form part of the brotherhood. He contends that the Hierarchy are working for the spiritual evolution of humanity on planet Earth in all its aspects: religious, political, technological, scientific, and cultural.
       Djwhal Khul specifically teaches that Master Jesus is alive on the planet, busily directing the destiny of Christianity by telepathically transmitting ideas into the subconscious minds of the leaders of the Christian church. He emphasizes that Master Jesus is a man who evolved himself over successive incarnations and initiations until he became an immortal "Son of God," just as the other masters, such as the Buddha, also became "Sons of God."
       According to Djwhal Khul, the masters can exit their physical bodies and travel around in their "soul" or spirit" bodies to any location on the planet, unimpeded by distance or time. A master also supposedly has the power to condense his spirit body into a visible body of light, called the 'anuvarrupa' in Hindu terminology. Thus the master would be in his anuvarrupa body when he appeared to someone as a shining being of dazzling light, just as Djwhal Khul appeared to me. The master can, at will, condense his spirit body into a physical form and be seen, touched, and experienced as a regular human being.

       The New World Religion.
       Djwhal Khul claims that as part of his work for "God," he was assigned the special project of bringing to humanity the New Age teachings for the New World Religion. Designed to integrate Christianity and the Eastern teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism into a homogeneous wholeness, the New World Religion pretends to reveal the full expression of divinity in all its aspects. Djwhal Khul asserts he received most of his knowledge directly from his own superiors in heaven.
       His books have found their way across the globe. They cover a wide range of topics - from cause of illness, psychoses, and demonic possession to development of intellect, growth of civilizations, and economic cycles. Thousands of people have completely changed their lifestyles as a result of his writings. I myself became so overwhelmed by Djwhal Khul's concepts and his intellectual genius that I revered him as a great saint.
       Perhaps the most important and the most deceptive, are Djwhal Khul's teachings about the Holy Bible. He demonstrates a vast knowledge concerning the major religions of the world and even comments about the nature of God Almighty, the Most High, and the operations of the heavenly throne.
       One statement especially caught my attention:

What do we mean by that phrase "forces of evil"? Not the armies of unrighteousness and sinfulness, organized under that figment of the imagination, the devil, or some supreme antichrist. For such an army does not exist, and there is no great enemy of God, arraigned in battle against the Most High. There is only suffering, erring humanity.

       I found his statement a brilliant confirmation of what I had believed for many years: Satan did not exist. Djwhal Khul then went on to describe just what the forces of evil were:

The forces of evil are, in the last analysis, only the entrenched ancient ideals and habits of thought which have served their purpose in bringing the race to its present point of development, but which must now disappear if the New Age is to be ushered in as desired.

       Slavery to the Masters.
       Impressed by his vast knowledge, I felt honored to become Djwhal Khul's obedient and devoted disciple. Eventually, however, the esteemed discipleship turned into a nightmare of slavery.
       I had little money, but gradually I was forced to give everything I had to support his New Age cause. Eventually I devoted all of my time to the furtherance of his work. In obeying his teachings and commands, I believed I was serving God. In return, I was promised healing and happiness, abundance and joy. I was even promised immortality in this lifetime. Not one promise was to have lasting fulfillment.
       I became one of the many people who are now consciously serving the masters and the other spirit guides through a direct and personal relationship with them. On a global basis, millions of people are being lured into following the inner guidance of their "higher consciousness" through meditation and other consciousness raising techniques. Opening the door of the mind to the "higher self" really does allow one to contact the realms of "the spirit." At the time, I never suspected that the powers of the spirit world that I was turning to were those same powers that the apostle Paul warned about in his message to the church at Ephesus:

We are not fighting against people made of flesh and blood, but against persons without bodies - the evil rulers of the unseen world, those mighty satanic beings and great evil princes of darkness who rule this world; and against huge numbers of wicked spirits in the spirit world (Ephesians 6:12)

       Djwhal Khul's specialty is counterfeit religion. He is a master forger who tries to lead even the elect astray, if that were possible. As a Christian, you need to be aware of the activities of Djwhal Khul and his colleagues. Masquerading as Jesus Christ, they sometimes appear to Christians, attempting to deceive them into believing that they are being visited by the real Jesus.
       At the time of my dramatic rescue from the New Age movement, I discovered that the masters and the other cunning New Age spirit guides have a leader.
       He is, of course, Satan, alias Lucifer, alias the devil.
       Long ago the apostle Paul warned us of his deceptive powers: "Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light" (2 Corinthians 11:14).


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