Happiness and Success

Helen Heavirland (narrator) talks with Annette.

       Now, after they've been married several years, I ask Annette, "Has a new understanding of God really made any difference in Jay?"
       Annette's amber eyes sparkle. She nods. Her long auburn curls bounce. "Has it ever!"
       I urge her on. "How?"
       She shakes her head. "He's a different person." She tips her head and looks off into the distance. "He was always polite and professional." Our eyes meet again. "You know the difference between someone who's polite and someone who's genuinely charitable?"
       "That's how he's changed. He was always a decent person. A good person. But he's deeper. He's real."
       Annette's brows arch as she thinks.  "It's hard to break the changes down into little pieces." She pushes herself back into the plush love seat. "I think the biggest change, over time, is that he became less self-centered. When you're not thinking about yourself so much, you don't get offended so easily. You don't get hurt so much. You're not as prone to be suspicious.
       "He's kinder, gentler, more patient, more tolerant. Now he considers everyone else's needs. Even people who are unpleasant to him benefit from his genuine concern and desire to treat people right."
       She smiles, then raises an eyebrow in wonder. "He's changed in every way -- mentally, emotionally, spiritually. He's even improved physically. His joints don't hurt anymore, and he has lots more energy."
       Annette seems almost overwhelmed as she speaks. "He used to be moody, easily offended, depressed. Now he's calm, even tempered. He accepts himself and others. He's positive and hopeful."
       "The changes have come softly," she continues, "willingly. Kind of like a master artist is slowly resculpting him from the inside out. And he's not fighting the new design."
       Annette looks at me with questioning eyes. "How has Jay changed?" she asks, thinking. She looks out the window. A moment later she answers her question. "He's a total different person."  She rests her chin on her hand.  Her expression darkens. "When I first met Jay, he was stressed out. He knew his business and he was good at it. But he was miserable. Now .. ." She sits up straight. Her eyes sparkle again. "Now Jay enjoys life!"

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The End
The real title of this book and the chapter titles are different in the original paperback
version,  but the text is the same as you  will see  when you get this book.  The
author is Helen Heavirland, the publisher is Pacific Press Publishing Assoc.
(Falling for a Lie) ISBN 0-8163-1646-5

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Falling for a Lie
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