New Age Adventures

"God, why won't You  talk to me? I've read  about others' experience
with spirits. I want to grow. I want to make sense of my life.
I want to know about the future so I can prepare for it.
Please send a spirit to teach me..."

31 - Chapters with Titles - troublesome questions, former lives, haunting past lives, anticipating early death, successful but unhappy, spirit encounters, power to scare, it almost happened, close to the end, second chance, unbelievable success, different styles, high expectations, valley of depression, absolutely devastated, life is worth living, taking the lead, entirely different profession, special interest, new horizon, good question, is eternal hell for real, principles of..., state of the dead, reincarnation - yes or no, communication with the dead, true source of knowledge, re-evaluating a lifetime, transformation completed, same persuasion, happiness and success.

Start reading the First Chapter.  At the end of each chapter there are
additional navigation links taking you to the following one.

Name of  author, publisher & ISBN  number  may be found
at the end of the last chapter (start with the First Chapter.)


New Age Adventures

Cannot get the book anymore - it is out of Print

which means... no more free copies of it for anybody.


(any questions?)


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