Same Persuasion

       Life has been an exciting journey the last six years. I still love broadcasting. I continued to work in radio. Stayed in my last job for four years. Then I left (my choice) to take on a new challenge -- manager of a television station.
       But there's another important part of my story. Through my years in Waverly, my vow to remain single never wavered ... until just before I left. Beyond the respect I'd felt for Annette nearly from the beginning of working together, I was growing very fond of her. After I moved away, I realized the depth of the friendship we had forged as we worked, attended church, and discussed the Bible together. I missed her a great deal. I thought and prayed about the future.
       Two months after I moved, in one of our phone conversations we chatted a bit. Then I said, "I have a question for you."
       "Will you marry me?"
       The phone was silent, "Marry you?" she finally asked, her voice full of surprise. "No."
       She was nice about it, but disappointment hung over me like a black cloud.
Annette had been a part of my life through my whole spiritual awakening -- a more important part than I'd realized. Did I unconsciously make my decisions about the Bible to please her? Now that she's not going to be a part of my life, am I still going to follow what I've learned?
       On the heels of the question I asked aloud, "What difference does it make?"
       I stood and walked to the window, looking at nothing in the darkness.  "Truth is truth, God, I didn't choose You because of Annette. And I'm sticking with You. No marrer what!"
       Even though I felt crushed by Annette's refusal, I didn't sink into despair. I walked through the disappointment with God, secure in His friendship.
       A few days later Annette telephoned. "About your question ... Is the offer still good?"
       In our Christmas wedding, Pastor Riggs made a comment that summarized my yesterdays and epitomized my hopes for tomorrow. His statement still thrills me as I watch God, day by day, fulfilling it: "God doesn't need perfect beginnings to build a perfect ending."


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